PT Inkenas Agung History

To constantly improve the quality of consumer products and services in Indonesia is one of the objective of the Mahakam Group. Over the years, Mahakam has become the benchmark in their respective industries.In 1982, Mahakam Group expanded its business into food industry with the acquisition of PT. Inkenas Agung, a manufacture of food related products.

PT. Inkenas Agung is manufacturing Maya soy sauce, Teesty syrup and Terate syrup, Prima Chili and Prima Tomato sauce, Kokinan Japanese soy sauce, Maya Acetic Acid Solution , which are known as local brands and enjoying relatively wide market acceptance. These products are being distributed throughout Indonesia. Recognized for its compliance with manufacturing and product - quality standards, PT. Inkenas Agung has recently also been chosen to become a toll manufacturer for some other well-known international food brands.