MBF is a pharmaceutical company with a strong pipeline that provides innovative products for customer.

OTC division has invested in various compounds to fulfill healthcare needs not only in treatment but also in prevention.

The innovation has ranged from bone supplement such as CALPRO to skin health product such as ULTRADERMA.

Has been a partner for MNC-Mundipharma for more than 35 years and was appointed as manufacturer to produce Betadine antiseptic.

MBF OTC continuous to strive for excellence in ensuring qualified innovative products to fulfill the unmet health care needs.


OTC Products





Ethical & Generic Products

Ethical & Generic Division provide a wide range of products to address health concern in Indonesia.

We aim to continue providing our experience in variety of diseases from common infectious diseases to metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

We will also continue in providing qualified products for health protection for all.

Ethical & Generic division have been and will continue to invest in research and development for new compounds to help increasing the quality of life and health of Indonesians.