PT. Mahakam Beta Farma History

PT. Mahakam Beta Farma is Mahakam Group's first venture in pharmaceutical industry, which produces affordable pharmaceutical products with international quality standard. In 1980, Mahakam Beta Farma was granted the license by Mundipharma AG, Switzerland to produce antiseptic, BETADINE.

BETADINE contains Povidone iodine and is a superior antiseptic which is widely accepted. The positive market response prompted PT. Mahakam Beta Farma to increase its production capacity and to move to a new facility at the Pulo Gadung Industrial Complex. Committed to produce high quality products with affordable prices, we have been continuously upgrading our product lines and improving our processes to increase productivity.

In 2013, we plan to expand the manufacturing site 3 times bigger than what we have today in order to meet customers demand on our products.

In 2013, PT Mahakam Beta Farma also launches a biological product from Labiofam-Cuba, Bactivec, to combat against vector of dengue fever. It is expected that in the future, more biological products from Labiofam-Cuba will be marketed in Indonesia by Mahakam Beta Farma.