PT. Mahakam Beta Farma is active in organizing scientific educational meetings and workshops. Not only in local scope but also actively participating in international events.

We also have a strong commitment to support our partners to have successes in the Indonesian market. It has been more than 30 years that PT Mahakam Beta Farma becomes the partner of Mundipharma and together we develop many product's innovations, such as Betadine gargle, Betadine liquid soap, Betadine plaster, etc. Our capabilities in manufacturing, marketing and commercial operation in ethical and OTC market, supported by Daya Muda Agung, our sister company in distribution, have driven Betadine as the market leader in the antiseptic market in Indonesia.


Mahakam Beta Farma held symposia to educate health professionals about biological larvicide in an ASEAN event organized by Ministry of Health

Marketing Educational activities are held in both urban and rural areas. Our sister company, DMA ensures that patients can access easily to our products.

Mahakam Beta Farma also actively promotes health education to laymen. We believe sanitation plays an important role in preventing infections.